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FilmGrade is a full-service media production company based in Shropshire, specialising in bringing cinema quality to all forms of video production. We can cater for all types of filmmaking, from feature-length documentaries to web promotionals, so when it comes to your next video, we have you covered. We also have experience in graphic design, photography and audio production, meaning we can offer a unique package of skills that can fully brand any business in a professional and modern way.

We use industry-leading equipment to achieve the most cinematic image as possible, but we don’t rely on it to tell the story for us. Engaging with an audience is just as much of an art as cinematography is, so we are constantly pushing ourselves to become better Storytellers.

At 18 years of age, FilmGrade’s founder and creative director Tom Henshaw has had his experience questioned from time to time. However, after four years within the industry, winning multiple awards, being praised by industry leading professionals such as Philip Bloom, and having his first feature-length documentary premiered at the Tour de France, it’s fair to say he’s earned more than a few stripes as a filmmaker.

With youthful passion, yet accomplished experience, Tom brings an enthusiastic approach to each project and aims for each production to be an enjoyable experience for both crew and client. By sourcing talent that is local to Shropshire to form his team, he is always wanting each finished product to be better than the last and is constantly trying to better himself as a filmmaker.

So if you have a story worth telling, a product that needs advertising or an event that needs recording, please get in touch.


F O U N D E R  –  C R E A T I V E  D I R E C T O R

My interest in filmmaking came about when I was thirteen. I had become very ill and was spending a lot of time at home when I discovered Adobe After Effects for the first time, a software that over the years I have never left alone. Whilst ill I made it my mission to learn the software inside and out, until I could edit together silly little videos that I had made with my little brother.

Once I had become a lot better and was attending school again, I started making short films with the group of friends I had come to know and it was clear to me that filmmaking was something that I really did enjoy and was possibly quite good at. Over my years at school I focused on trying to become a better cinematographer, reading every blog post and watching every YouTube video I could about the art. By taking on corporate work and jumping into as many projects as I could, I have rapidly increased my knowledge to what it is today.

Since then four years have passed and I have made hundreds of videos, quite a few a short films and two feature-length documentaries. I’ve also won four awards for some of my short films and have had one of my documentaries premiered at the Grande Depart of the Tour de France, an experience that I’ll never forget.

I believe the key to becoming successful in this industry is to never stop learning and to never stop creating, and so I am trying my hardest to keep doing both of those things. I also believe that working with other individuals with a similar mindset is important, which has lead to me trying to encourage others into filmmaking by being involved in my various crews for different projects. I’ve never been to film school, yet have been told that my work rivals those who have studied the art of film for over five years. It is purely by experience that I have learned what I know, and I believe that anyone else can learn in a similar way.


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Tales of Storytelling

  • 03.12.2014

    FilmGrade’s #SF48 Experience

    *WARNING – MAY CONTAIN SOME SPOILERS, PLEASE WATCH OUR FILM BEFORE READING* One prop. One line of dialogue. Fourtey-Eight hours of pure creativity. Last year Shropshire became home to it’s very own 48 hour film challenge, in which 7 teams of filmmakers were given the…


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